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California Food Product Litigation Attorney

With strict federal and California laws regarding food preparation and distribution, it is important to make sure your business complies with industry standards. However, false accusations can ruin a company's reputation, and one mistake should not put you out of business. At the law firm of David C. Skyer, APC in San Diego, we represent manufacturers, suppliers, restaurants, hotels, and chains in food product liability cases throughout California.

Food product liability cases can involve any process of food development and production. From contaminated food and food containing foreign objects, to container liability and broken glass, injured consumers may try to hold your company accountable for things beyond your control. If legal action has been taken against your business, you need a lawyer who will help you find real economic and legal solutions.

Food Producers and Distributors

There are a lot of steps in the production and distribution of food. If your business has been involved in the production of a food product, you may find yourself facing a food product liability suit. We have acted as defense counsel for a number of food producers and distributors, including Del Monte and Dole.

Restaurant Liability

The moment legal action is taken against your restaurant, your reputation is at stake. Whether you are a national chain or you have a single, local location, you do not want to deal with rumors of food poisoning, salmonella or e coli. In addition to our defense counsel for restaurants in food liability cases, we are able to protect your business against trip and fall, sexual harassment, and premises liability claims. We have handled restaurant liability claims for national chains such as Burger King and Chuck E. Cheese.

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 Food Product Litigation

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